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Sunday, August 21, 2011


  I am now in France, beginning my six month jounry that is sure to test me in many forms, but right now it is testing me in the area of "Keeping Valuable Items and Not Loosing Them". Grr.

  Alreeady, I have tried a range of new foods, brought expenive coffee in London that cost me five freaking Euro, practically been sunburnt, made friends with a Hollander and a Kiwi and put the Australian flag proudly across my bed. It's a bunk bed by the way, and I am on the bottem bed. I keep hitting my head all the time, but it's a bed, with a ladder, so it's okay (minor Doctor Who reference there).

  Today we have The Test, which will sort the Bad from the Good, lanuage wise. I am expecting to be in the lower stream, but my good friend Georgie (who did the same trek a year ago) was in the lower one, and she is amazingly smart.

  So I think it should be breakfast now, but we still have an hour.

Wow. I just winked at a kiwi.

Love Ell x