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Friday, August 6, 2010

Draco and Harry, sitting in a tree....

And I present my conversation that I had today.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Oh, if it isn’t that bastard Harry Potter. My name is Draco Malfoy. I am a racist, I despise gingers and mudbloods, and my parents work for the man who killed your parents. Do you want to be my friend?
Stranger: Harry? Harry's not here.
Stranger: I'm Neville.
Stranger: Yes, Malfoy?
Stranger: Going to steal my Remembral again?
You: That was so first year.
Stranger: So, what?
You: No, instead I am going to turn you toad...
Stranger: Your*
You: Into a blast-ended skret.
You: and I don't need you to correct me.
Stranger: Skrewt*
Stranger: And you're horrible at Transfiguration.
Stranger: Remember 4th year, where Moody turned you into a ferret?
You: No.
Stranger: And then shoved your arse down Goyle's pants.
You: Th-that was nothing.
Stranger: I lied.
Stranger: I'm not Neville.
You: I thought so.
You: Schlongbottem wouldn't be able to come up with such witty come backs.
Stranger: I'm the "mudblood" mentioned above.
You: Granger.
Stranger: Draco.
You: Don't you DARE filthy my first name with you mouth.
Stranger: Your*
Stranger: Why should I?
Stranger: Huh, Draco?
You: Because Granger.
You: You don't want your little secret to get out do you?
Stranger: And that would be...?
You: You like me.
You: Admit it.
You: I make you blush.
Stranger: Yeah, so?
Stranger: What of it?
You: I catch you sometimes in Potions, daydreaming about some fantasy.
You: Well, there would go your reputaion.
Stranger: Reputation*
You: And your *scoff* Gryfindork "friends"
Stranger: And...we don't have Potions together.
Stranger: What on Earth are you going on about?
You: Wouldn't you like to know..
Stranger: I don't like you Draco.
Stranger: No, I don't.
Stranger: I LOVE you.
You: (*steps out of character* this is the best omgel conversation EVER)
You: *steps back in*
You: ...
You: Granger, your disgusting.
Stranger: And you're a prat who screams like a little girl.
You: No.
You: Its was manly.
Stranger: You know the ferret thing I mentioned earlier?
Stranger: Buckbeak LOVES ferret.
Stranger: Part of his daily diet.
You: It's better then that weasle that loves you.
You: HA! Buckbeak is dead.
Stranger: ...or is he?
You: that savage was slaughted, as should his pathetic owner.
Stranger: The owner's already dead.
You: My Father will be pleased.
Stranger: Your sorry excuse for a father already knows.
Stranger: He was there.
Stranger: ...hey. I'm talking about your father.
You: He is three times the wizard a mudblood like you could ever be,
You: and you know what?
Stranger: Yes?
You: I think that you should go and marry Potter.
You: you two could disgrace the wizarding world together.
Stranger: Very mature, Draco.
Stranger: Very mature.
You: the hopefully the Dark Lord will dispose of you two in a proper fashion.
Stranger: I have an idea of who you should marry.
Stranger: Luna Lovegood.
Stranger: Though she is my friend, she is a bit loony at times.
You: Don't even try to hook me up Granger.
You: I know you want me.
Stranger: Oh, yes.
Stranger: I really want you, Draco.
Stranger: With your gangly body and greasy hair.
You: My hair is not greasy.
You: And I have abs.
Stranger: Excuse me as I suddenly combust with laughter.
Stranger: *guffaws in the distance*
You: see?
You: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3318/3614951400_092e13661e.jpg?v=0
You: ha.
You: You got own'd
Stranger: Own'd?
Stranger: What is a pure blood like you using Muggle terms?
Stranger: ...suspicious.
You: What? Muggle term?
You: Granger?
Stranger: "Own'd" is a Muggle term.
You: Can I ask you something?
Stranger: Yes, Draco?
You: *hesitates*
You: Does....
You: Never mind.
Stranger: Are you sure about that?
You: Is anyone in the room?
Stranger: Not wanting to ask your damn question?
Stranger: Just you and I, Draco.
You: Doespottertalkaboutmeoften.
Stranger: Harry?
Stranger: Hm, I haven't really noticed before, but now that you ask, he does. Quite a bit.
Stranger: Of course, it's insults toward you.
Stranger: But...
Stranger: You two aren't gay for each other...are you?
You: NO!
You: NO!
You: *shudder*
Stranger: *raises an eyebrow*
Stranger: Are you sure?
You: Positive.
Stranger: Or you haven't come out of your closet yet?
You: Granger, I think I know what my sexual preference is.
Stranger: I'm just making sure. I don't judge.
Stranger: Unlike a certain wizard I know.
You: Understand this.
You: If you ever mention this conversation to ANYONE.
You: Your dead.,
Stranger: I'd be dead if I mentioned I talked to you at all.
Stranger: So, this conversation is 100% classified between you and myself.
You: Yes.
You: But he really talks-
You: *metal kick*
Stranger: It's most just insults and jabs towards your masculanity.
Stranger: Mostly*
You: Go on.
You: Finish.
Stranger: ...that's it.
You: Granger, you and I know that that is NOT it.
You: What of the other things?
You: That aren't "insults and jabs towards your masculinity"?
Stranger: I think he said once, "If Malfoy doesn't shut his face, I'm going to punch him in his gray eyes. Yes, both."
Stranger: Something along those lines.
Stranger: Look, are you sure you aren't homosexual? Or even BIsexual?
You: Even if I was, which I am not, Father would disinherit me.
Stranger: What is he? Homophobic?
You: Extreamly.
You: Worse then that Muggle politician in Australia, Tony Abott.
Stranger: Is he a Muggle?
You: NO!
You: My Father is a PureBlood wizard. Don't you ever forget.
Stranger: ...I was talking about Tony Abott.
You: oh yes.
Stranger: I was just going to point out that he and Hannah Abott from Hufflepuff share the same last name.
You: That is quite a scandle.
You: Father has just apperated home. I must leave.
You: But please Granger.
Stranger: How do you have a computer anyway, Draco?
You: *soft voice*
You: Please don't tell anyone
Stranger: Can I tell Crookshanks?
Stranger: My cat?
Stranger: I can't keep everything bottled up.
You: *glares*
Stranger: Someone would be bound to find my diary, y'know.
You: Your enjoying this aren't you.
Stranger: Alright. Alright. Fine. I won't say a word to anybody.
Stranger: Not even Crookshanks.
You: Okay then.
You: Goodbye, Granger.
Stranger: Goodbye, Draco.
Stranger: I still have no idea why you're on a Muggle contraption.
You: Neither do I.
You: Boredom is a strange thing.
Stranger: I agree.

I am such a gun Draco.

Love Malfoy.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

*Steals from the castle*

So Victoria (not toogn) has been bugging me for more posts.

So, 9 followers, here is a speacial treat from Yours Truley.
I am going to let you on a little secret.
I am in love.
Not, with David Tennant, although he is close to my heart, because if I married him my life would be in danger of being, erm, QUACKED! but with another.



Yeh, my Biffelly, Tilly, is all like, "URK! He is just like another guy. Joey is better."
No, Till-dawg. Your so wrong.

By the way, your all invited to the wedding.

Love, ME!
PS, watcha gunna about THAT Miss Carroll and Miss Toogn?