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Saturday, November 14, 2009

And I thought I was obbsessed...

Whew! I am back :)

BACK TO business, that is.

I was at a friends house on Saturday, and her mum was on eBay. I think that's how its spelt.
So, she was on eBay, my friend asked her mum to search "twilight". It came up with about 17 pages of stuff! Calenders, shirts (although, there was some funny ones), bookmarks, mugs, DS skins, ipod socks, lip gloss, the list goes on and on and on.

So, I came to the conclusion, Twilight is waaaaay to (whats the word?) commercialised.
Sorry if that makes no sense.

So, back to my little ranting-bit.

Why would I want to waste my money on a shirt that says "team Jacob" when I am team Edward?
Nah, just joking. I can see why they put all these things out there, but I think they are taking adantage of the teens with lots of money. It's getting really stupid! I heard the other day, new moon is more anticipated then HARRY POTTER!
I ♥ Edward and all, but he just don't have it on that wizard with the scar.
This calls for a poll!

Me-ow! >^.^<
Ello, xoxo

Saturday, October 24, 2009

How am I writing this??


Yesterday, I was at Combram with my family, and we were doing the monthly shop for all things eat-able.
I was walking down the aisle, trolley full of food, when a mildly hot worker-lad walked past.
Omg, you may think, she's lost it. At last.
But what you don't realise, is that this Hottie-worker SHOUTED AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS at a co-worker, WHILE HE WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!
I jumped about a foot in the air. And if that isn't enough, the dude actually noticed, and was apologizing, and then he shouts out to hims mate, "Oi!! You nearly scared this lady half to death!!
And to make matters even worse, I went bright-beetroot red.


I was moritfied, and I kept seeing the same lad in the shop, about 4 times.

Do you think I could win a prize for most embarssing thing to happen in front of a hot guy?

Oh wait! I forgot about the time when I was doing a high-leg kick, while another hot-character was standing nearby.
What happens? I fall stright on my BUM!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dreamy Dreams...

Lately, I have had some pretty strange dreams.
This is the one from last night:
For some reason, I was pregnant. But I was 20. And some of the people in my Year and I were going on an excursion to Paris.
If that isn't weird enough, I knew I was going to have the baby on the plane.
So I had this baby, and it looked like Renesemea, as in the baby from Breaking Dawn.

I was in Paris with this little baby, and I stayed for like, 3 weeks because I did't want to harm the baby by flying back too Aus. It sounds strange. Real Strange.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My little Koala's : )

On Friday (i think) my cousins from New Zealand plus an Uncle came down to visit us, for a BBQ (how aussie). I mean, they didn't just come for the BBQ but-
Never mind.

So, after showing my two young cuz'z (3 & 5) the farm, we headed back to the house.
Then, while I was on the comp, I hear little Eli who is 5 start to sing The Mystirious Ticking Noise! It was really cool.
Me being me, I then found it on the net, and playd it to Eli. He started to sing along, and so did I. exept his verison of the lyrics "Snake, Snake, Seroiuse Snake! Dumboodoor"
It was quite exciting.

For those of you who havn't already checked out this aswome video,then here is URL:

It's amusing :)


Friday, September 25, 2009

The Adventures Of Captain Llama.

A little window into the action of my head XD

Captain Llama pulls up in his Electric Blue bike, with turbo-jet flame stickers, slightly falling as he gets off.
He re arrangers his sparkly orange cape, and turns to face his enemy-person Mafia Bob.
Mafia Bob licked his rainbow ice-cream, eyeing his rival with distaste.
"So, you want Missie Meow?" Mafia Bob asks with a heavy Italian accent. He bites the waffle cone of his ice-cream, and spites it at Captain Llamas feet, grinding it into the blue-checkered pavement.
"That was a waste of waffle cone!" squeaked Captain Llama before pouncing as best as a Llama could pounce.
Just as Captain Llama was implying his Llama Powers to Duck-ei-phy Mafia Bob, Missie Meow dropped down from a fishing line onto the fire hydrant next to Mafia Bobs fuchsia-pink bowler hat.
"Don't fight, lads. I'm here." She purred.
Both lads looked up at the bleached blond Russian-type cat, sporting a feather behind her ear.
"Missie Meow! I thought you were dead!" squeaked Captain Llama.
"Of course you did. Now boys, I have to go meet with the Cube Bandit. She is arranging a special meeting with me."
Both laddies gasped in shock and horror, exclaiming "NOT THE CUBE BANDIT!!"
"HA!" screeched Mafia Bob. "She nicked your cube you-"
"But if you know her name, then you must have had a run in with her too!" squeaked Captain Llama, as wise as a Llama.
"So long!" said Missie Meow, and she disappeared into thin air, leaving behind a glass of OJ, and a faint smell of Dragon Fruit.

Will the Cube Bandit be caught?
Who is the Cube Bandit?
Why did Missie Meow leave her OJ?
Is Mafia Bob really gay?

*ad guy narrator voice*
These questions and many more will be answered.
But then, in a turn of events, more questions will be asked, and it will continue in this way for many moons.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yeh, Lets All Point And Laugh...


Today in maths, Mrs Maths Teacher 2 caught V and T passing notes.
Mrs Maths Teacher 2 said "Girls, not passing notes in class."
Me, being vair, vair witty: "Tisk Tisk ladies."
Mrs Maths Teacher 2: "You can't talk Ello, I've seen you passing notes."

I. Got. Burnt.

You would think that I learnt a lesson in wit? But no such luck. XD

Later, T was taking about going to a friends house.

T: So i'm going to Cobram to visit Trever*
Me: OMGSH! T has friends!
T: Humph! Ello, I hate you.
Me: Am I dead to you?
T: Eggzacty! *acts all huffy*
Me: naw! I'm sorry!
*writes an apology note*
Me: See! I am sorry! *passes note to T*
Mrs Maths Teacher 2: *swipe!* No notes girls!
Me: But Miss! It's my apology note to T!
T: She said I have no friends exept her.
Me: *mutters about That wasn't eggzacty what I said.....*
Mrs Maths Teacher 2: Maybe she hasn't got any friends because you are her only friend!
*T and V laughing for 5 minutes. At least.*

So of course, this promts M to start bagging me out. And laughing at me. Something to do with me being ranga. I don't know.

So I got burnt.
By the same TEACHER!!
So isn't my day today......


Radio Annoucement:


Here's something to puzzle over:

On ABC Radio, I just heard that a Cesar salad has more fatty things in it then a regular hamburger!!
How strange....

This brings me on to food myths in general:

People! Don't Believe Everything You hear!

Common Food Myths:
  • I heard that sugar make you skinny. Bah!! Not a chance.
  • Milk has a lot of fat in it, when full cream (yum) has only about 4% in it.
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Apples clean your teeth.
  • Cigarettes make you skinny. Yer, only because you cough all your stomach out.
  • Nuts make you fat.
  • Eggs make your cholesterol higher
  • Cheese cleans you out *giggle*
  • Chewwy takes 7 years to digest.
Even this could be wrong!
Don't believe everything you read.....

Gee, I think I have maneged to confuse myself.

Oh Well!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caution: Contains New Moon.


I have found the New Moon SOUNDTRACK!!

This is so awsome! I have been waiting for ages to come out!!

The tracks are as follows::


I am a little disapointed really. I was hoping for mabye a little Coldplay. I had heard tell that the Scientist might have been on there, but it is an old track. I'm glad that Muse is on it, I am a little suprised about The Killers and I have heard Death Cab For Cutie is good, but other then that I have never heard of the artists.
Then again, i only knew Paramore from the Twilgith Album, but I still luuuurved it ;)
http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/ If you wanna check it ooout..

Meow, xox

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Enjoy The Show


So yesterday my school went to the Melbourne.
It. Was. Epic..
Shows like this I find are strangely romantic, but I am a big romantic person.

The hardest part was getting up at 5am.
I was not meant to wake up at such an awful hour. I am still vair, vair le tired. (Well take a nap; THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES!)
Then, we drove to Shep, had TWENTY MINUTES to eat food, before zipping through to Melbourne.
With a cappuccino in my system, I was ready to par-tay.
Really, I was.

The day basically was us in out little groups running around, wasting money on pointless but trilling entertainment, Dolly and Hubba Bubba show bags, and winning teddies for friends, while meeting up with the teachers to make sure we hadn't run away and/or been abducted.

Unfortunately, I was the one to get lost.

You see, this is how it happened:
I was looking at this wicked massive slide, when I heard Sarah say she wanted to take a pic of it.
I turned around, and my group was no-where to be found!! After sticking around for 10 minutes, I wandered over to the NAB Animal Discovery Place (or something) and I basically just spent the last hour patting the wittle bunny rabbits, chickens and moo-cows. Little did I know that while I was relaxing with the goats, everyone else was out looking for me. Well, Sarah and Tilly were at least.
On the bus home, I had a long postage tube with my sisters present in it, which was a poster type-deal. GG that it was "probably a poster of Edward Cullen" (quote unquote), and my art teacher threatend to through it out if it had a Twilight poster in there.
What is up with the automatic thinking of Twilight!!!
I mean, just beause I luuurve those sexy vampires doesn't mean I would buy a poster of them!
Well, it probaby does, but that doesn't matter.
I mean, there wasn't a single Twi-related thing in that whole Show!
*mutters about Camp Rock showbags when there was no Twilight showbags*

I am so drop-dead tired.

Meow xox

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today it be Talk Like A Pirate Day!
Yarrr, me harties!!

At least, I think it is...

Its also National Babies Day. This, I am sure of.
Just for the record, I am totally against abortion, and I honestly do belive that underage pregnacys don't have to end with killing. Even if, say, the girl was 13.
Just think of all the lives and all the little babies that could be saved! Even if they were put up for adoption, or into a foster home.
Its very (for want of a better word) greedy not to want to have this little mirical in our womb, when there are couples put there who would kill for a child.

Anyways, that my rant for today.

Luurve Ello

Friday, September 11, 2009


OK. Its official.
Chasey is not the most safest game to play.
Little Children, you have been warned.
I know from first-hand experience.

So yesterday, I was playing chasey with my little sister.
It was fun!!! I came up with a very, very clever plan, so that she would be It. She was about a hand-span away, my life-achievement was in reach and -
I managed to trip in a pot hole. I cam down, down onto the cement. I got up, looked down, and both of my legs knees were scraped! One more badly then the other. Past my knees, and even my feet have suffered.

I peronaly think that its very ironic.

At least I got out of sport!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Changing Thy Blog.

Ok. I've made a new blog.

It mights have been the eggs I had for snacks, but I feel like rejecting the real world in favor of one that most likely will ignore me.
So, the Big News for today is that Doctor Who is on at 9.30pm!! Tonight!! Monday!!
I won't be able to watch it, but I will tape it, and I will get my Sci-Fi, seeing how we have finished watching Star Wars Ep5, The Empire Strikes Back. I didn't see the hole Darth Vader being Luke Skywalkers father bit!! ^^

Just Joking.

Beep Beep, Ello.