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Saturday, October 3, 2009

My little Koala's : )

On Friday (i think) my cousins from New Zealand plus an Uncle came down to visit us, for a BBQ (how aussie). I mean, they didn't just come for the BBQ but-
Never mind.

So, after showing my two young cuz'z (3 & 5) the farm, we headed back to the house.
Then, while I was on the comp, I hear little Eli who is 5 start to sing The Mystirious Ticking Noise! It was really cool.
Me being me, I then found it on the net, and playd it to Eli. He started to sing along, and so did I. exept his verison of the lyrics "Snake, Snake, Seroiuse Snake! Dumboodoor"
It was quite exciting.

For those of you who havn't already checked out this aswome video,then here is URL:

It's amusing :)


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