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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Adventures Of Captain Llama.

A little window into the action of my head XD

Captain Llama pulls up in his Electric Blue bike, with turbo-jet flame stickers, slightly falling as he gets off.
He re arrangers his sparkly orange cape, and turns to face his enemy-person Mafia Bob.
Mafia Bob licked his rainbow ice-cream, eyeing his rival with distaste.
"So, you want Missie Meow?" Mafia Bob asks with a heavy Italian accent. He bites the waffle cone of his ice-cream, and spites it at Captain Llamas feet, grinding it into the blue-checkered pavement.
"That was a waste of waffle cone!" squeaked Captain Llama before pouncing as best as a Llama could pounce.
Just as Captain Llama was implying his Llama Powers to Duck-ei-phy Mafia Bob, Missie Meow dropped down from a fishing line onto the fire hydrant next to Mafia Bobs fuchsia-pink bowler hat.
"Don't fight, lads. I'm here." She purred.
Both lads looked up at the bleached blond Russian-type cat, sporting a feather behind her ear.
"Missie Meow! I thought you were dead!" squeaked Captain Llama.
"Of course you did. Now boys, I have to go meet with the Cube Bandit. She is arranging a special meeting with me."
Both laddies gasped in shock and horror, exclaiming "NOT THE CUBE BANDIT!!"
"HA!" screeched Mafia Bob. "She nicked your cube you-"
"But if you know her name, then you must have had a run in with her too!" squeaked Captain Llama, as wise as a Llama.
"So long!" said Missie Meow, and she disappeared into thin air, leaving behind a glass of OJ, and a faint smell of Dragon Fruit.

Will the Cube Bandit be caught?
Who is the Cube Bandit?
Why did Missie Meow leave her OJ?
Is Mafia Bob really gay?

*ad guy narrator voice*
These questions and many more will be answered.
But then, in a turn of events, more questions will be asked, and it will continue in this way for many moons.


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