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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yeh, Lets All Point And Laugh...


Today in maths, Mrs Maths Teacher 2 caught V and T passing notes.
Mrs Maths Teacher 2 said "Girls, not passing notes in class."
Me, being vair, vair witty: "Tisk Tisk ladies."
Mrs Maths Teacher 2: "You can't talk Ello, I've seen you passing notes."

I. Got. Burnt.

You would think that I learnt a lesson in wit? But no such luck. XD

Later, T was taking about going to a friends house.

T: So i'm going to Cobram to visit Trever*
Me: OMGSH! T has friends!
T: Humph! Ello, I hate you.
Me: Am I dead to you?
T: Eggzacty! *acts all huffy*
Me: naw! I'm sorry!
*writes an apology note*
Me: See! I am sorry! *passes note to T*
Mrs Maths Teacher 2: *swipe!* No notes girls!
Me: But Miss! It's my apology note to T!
T: She said I have no friends exept her.
Me: *mutters about That wasn't eggzacty what I said.....*
Mrs Maths Teacher 2: Maybe she hasn't got any friends because you are her only friend!
*T and V laughing for 5 minutes. At least.*

So of course, this promts M to start bagging me out. And laughing at me. Something to do with me being ranga. I don't know.

So I got burnt.
By the same TEACHER!!
So isn't my day today......


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