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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Enjoy The Show


So yesterday my school went to the Melbourne.
It. Was. Epic..
Shows like this I find are strangely romantic, but I am a big romantic person.

The hardest part was getting up at 5am.
I was not meant to wake up at such an awful hour. I am still vair, vair le tired. (Well take a nap; THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES!)
Then, we drove to Shep, had TWENTY MINUTES to eat food, before zipping through to Melbourne.
With a cappuccino in my system, I was ready to par-tay.
Really, I was.

The day basically was us in out little groups running around, wasting money on pointless but trilling entertainment, Dolly and Hubba Bubba show bags, and winning teddies for friends, while meeting up with the teachers to make sure we hadn't run away and/or been abducted.

Unfortunately, I was the one to get lost.

You see, this is how it happened:
I was looking at this wicked massive slide, when I heard Sarah say she wanted to take a pic of it.
I turned around, and my group was no-where to be found!! After sticking around for 10 minutes, I wandered over to the NAB Animal Discovery Place (or something) and I basically just spent the last hour patting the wittle bunny rabbits, chickens and moo-cows. Little did I know that while I was relaxing with the goats, everyone else was out looking for me. Well, Sarah and Tilly were at least.
On the bus home, I had a long postage tube with my sisters present in it, which was a poster type-deal. GG that it was "probably a poster of Edward Cullen" (quote unquote), and my art teacher threatend to through it out if it had a Twilight poster in there.
What is up with the automatic thinking of Twilight!!!
I mean, just beause I luuurve those sexy vampires doesn't mean I would buy a poster of them!
Well, it probaby does, but that doesn't matter.
I mean, there wasn't a single Twi-related thing in that whole Show!
*mutters about Camp Rock showbags when there was no Twilight showbags*

I am so drop-dead tired.

Meow xox

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