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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another on the Fan Fict.

Chapter Four – The Dream

Harry felt his world crashing around him.
He sunk to his knees, lifting his hands to hide his tear soaked face. Rose gently put her arms around the boy, but Harry shot a spell in her way, making her reel backwards. The Doctor stepped forward protectively, but Rose merely stood and placed a hand on the Doctors arm.
Harry leapt to his feet, and ran.
He was running from the inevitable fact, one that would catch up to him eventually he knew, but for now the only thought in his shattered mind was that if never stopped moving, the guilt would never catch him.
‘Watch it Potter!’
‘Where is he going?’
Finally, Harry collapsed onto the cold stone. He gasped for breath, his eyes closed and his body aching. 
After what seemed to be hours, when it was actually minutes, Harry lifted his heavy head and looked around at his surroundings.
He found himself in the astronomy tower.
Dragging himself up from the stone floor, Harry staggered to the gapping window. The sky was beginning to lighten, promising a beautiful day ahead. Slowly, he stepped onto the window sill, looking down at the dark grounds below.
‘Neville, I’m so sorry.’ He whispered to the rising sun.
‘Potter, what are you doing? Get away from there.’ Came a worried voice from the door way.
Harry turned from his spot on the sill. He recognized that voice, but when it normally  was snide and cold. Now, it actually sounded strange. The voice belonged to a boy who was slightly taller then Harry, his hair was platinum blonde, and his eyes were a cold grey.
‘Malfoy. What do you want?’ snapped Harry, taken by surprise at the appearance of his  arch enemy.
‘Well, I was you sprinting up to the astronomy tower. You looked as if you were going to throw yourself off, and as much as I despise you and your stupid Gryffindorks, I don’t want you dead.’
‘Whatever Malfoy. Just leave.’
Harry turned back to the window, closing his eyes for the last time. He took a deep breath, and stepped forward.
Next thing he knew, he felt a warm arm around his waist, and he was hitting harsh stone floor hard.
Harry cursed the blonde, roughly shoving Draco Malfoy off himself. ‘What was that for? Why do you care so much about my life? What are you doing here? Why? Why did Neville die?’
Questions poured from Harry’s tortured soul. He found those shameful tears on his face again, and wiped them angrily away.
Malfoy simply took Harry in his arms, holding the broken boy whilehe poured out his grief. Sometimes it was suicidal thoughts and self blame, other times it was violent swearing aimed at a man called the Doctor and Draco himself, but mostly Harry simply wept.
Eventually though, the raven haired boy fell asleep in the safety of this confusing boy’s embrace. He dreamed a strange dream of metallic demons, a tall man and a blonde women battling these terrifying creatures. He felt rather then saw someone he loved like a brother falling, and then a giant, flaming bird flew in with a white haired angel on his back.
Harry woke with a start, in an empty room, the sun streaming through the tall window, his head aching, but he was very much alive. His thoughts wandered back to the early morning.
Had it been a dream? Did Draco Malfoy actually save his life? It was impossible, but Harry could still feel the boy’s arms around him.
The Doctor walked softly into the room, clearly fearing the very thing that Malfoy had saved Harry from last night.
‘Come on. There is something you need to see.’
Harry blinked up at the tall man, and took his hand. Harry stood and brushed down his dusty clothes, mildly surprised to find that he was still in his pyjamas.
‘I think I need some proper clothes first, if you don’t mind.’
The Doctor grinned broadly, and skipped from the room, sticking his head around the door frame.
‘Just come one! There is something you need to see!’
Harry shakily followed the Doctor down the stair case. He was babbling about  some amazing phenomenon, the likes of which he had never seen before. Harry half listened. Everything had a surreal effect to it, and he was having trouble adapting to this new world.
The Doctor turned back around to Harry, obviously having just asked a question. The smile slipped from his handsome features, and his eyes found Harry’s. They understood exactly what Harry was feeling.
‘I know how tough this is. Just trust me, okay?’
Harry blinked slowly, nodding his head.
Suddenly, the Doctor stopped in front of two stone gargoyles. Harry recognised them to be the statues in front of the Headmasters’ office.
The Doctor spoke the password told to him an hour previous, and the pair sprang to life, and stepped aside to revel a stone staircase. The man’s eyes widened, and his hand flew to an inner pocket in his pin-striped suit. He got out what looked like a small, thick metal wand. He pointed it at the nearest gargoyle, and a little blue little burst from the wand.
The gargoyle growled, ‘don’t point that thing at me sonny!’ and the Doctor reeled back, tripping over his feet and landing on the floor. He started up, eyes wide in amazement and wonder at the two gargoyles now clutching their stony stomachs and laughing so hard that their horns shook.
Harry allowed himself a small smile, before stepping onto the stone stair which began to smoothly spiral upwards. The Doctor leapt to his Converse-covered feet, and scrambled after the boy, rising on that magical staircase.
The Doctor sprung up the stairs, two at a time, until he was on the same level as Harry. He whistled in amazement, and grinned at Harry who raised his eyebrows.
The staircase came to a grinding halt in front of a magnificent mahogany door, tall as the ceiling. The Doctor leant forward to knock on the carefully carved door, but before he could, it swung open to reveal a room full of curious eyes, odd whirring instruments and in the middle, a large grand desk, where Albus Dumbledore sat.

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