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Friday, March 19, 2010

Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

This is my review of Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton verison)

So, it starts classically, with a little Alice (around the age she first went to Wonderland) telling her daddy she is haveing nightmares, draging him away from an important meeting. Her daddy then tells her that she is mad, but only the best people are.

It spirals from there into utter madness. I wont spoil it for you, but it is an amazing piece of work. I love it.

The Excellent:

  1. Johnny Depp. ('nuff said) as the Mad Hatter is so complexe and shocking and I could go on for days :D

  2. Alice is an Australian Actoress, Mia Wasikowska, who is awesome.

  3. Animation is capital

  4. There is so much madness

  5. Tim Burton directed it

  6. It's the sort of movie you could watch again, again and again, with maybe an additional viewing, and still discover something new about it.

  7. Every character has so many sides, not just the obvious, (For example, The Red Queen is plainly evil, but she is like this from always being second to her sister, The White Queen.)

  8. The script is very memorable and witty and inventive, with all the invented words

  9. It doesn't totally butcher the original book.

  10. It is absurd and scary in just the right amounts

  11. and Helena Bonham Carter is marvelous as the Red Queen.

The Fails:

  1. It feels a little bit receptive, but that's expected

  2. Sometimes it's hard to work out what the dialogue is

  3. It didn't include some scenes, like the one with the Walrus and the clams (i think thats it).

  4. OK, bad example. But you get my drift.

I give it.... 8 penguins out of 12. Yeh, thats my marking.

Oh, also I will give the album a mention as well. It's called "Almost Alice", and its alright. Has a pretty wide range of artist, from All American Rejects, 3Oh!3, Owl City, Plain White T's and more. Some of the songs are rave-tastic, some sweet, and others I have no idea what ol' Timmy was thinking when he approved the makeing of it.

Ello! XD



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