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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Besterst Movies of All. Time.

Welcome, Welcome to another exciting post. Yes, it has been a while, but there is nothing worth blogging about. I am happy-ish with my life, so i can't really rant...

Without futher babbling, here is my...

List of my Favourite and My Best Movies of TwentyTen!

First on the list is a movie I have resently viewed at my cousins palace. With the very good looking Tom Sturridge as the main role, the guy from Love Actually and lots of LOLz, 60's fashion, rock n' roll the way it should be and Tom Sturridge. Love that britt.
Number Two would have to be Alice is Wonderland, because it's simple....quirky! Oh, it also has Johnny in it. :D
And last, but perhaps least is About A Boy. I heart this beacuse of Hugh Grant, Toni Collet (mis-spell), the strange but original plot line, aaaaaaaaand the british accents.

Hope you enjoyed,


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