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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"TURN AROUND!" "Ell, we are so not done here"

Hello, Reader 1, 2 and 5.

Prepare for another ARRR, AAA, ENNN, TEE!

Today in English, I was a little hypo (because of the new teacher). We had to write about what we felt passionately about, so I was going to write about something to do with poles being upset after you run into them (because they have feelings), and my Bud next to me was doing "abortion". So we wrote away, (using an appropriate amount of similes, metaphors and oxymoron's) and it got me thinking about the whole abortion. It even sounds like a dirty thing.

I personally despise it. Most thoroughly, but as a girl in my class pointed out, what if you were only twelve? And a victim of rape? You can't expect a twelve year old girl to raise a child.

So I looked it up (on Google of course). A Wikipedia page comes up, and in the sample of the information that comes up, death is the last word. Isn't that sending messages to anyone? What is the point of this stupid, cruel operation? Yeah, I get that it could "save" a girl from discrimination, but that's her fault for not using a condom and/or the Pill. And the what of the above example? I hear you ask. Well, honestly, I think any parent would understand if it was under the same circumstances. But it is up to you, and I am just exercising my right for free speech. There are hundreds of people out there, wishing they could have children, begging the agencies to let them have a test tube baby. And here we sit, content with our days slaughter. I ask of you, what have these poor children done? How are they different to you or me? They could grow up to be murders, Presidents, Queens, Wizards, or maybe even the first person to invent Time Travel. Nothing can stop the potential these wonderful gifts have, except this procces which is ment to relive.
But It Doesn't.
According to This, undergoing an abortion can leave you feeling deppressed, in pain, make you want to randomly burst into tears, and kill off your sex life.
Sorry if this dull, offensive, rude, wrong or in any way, shape or liquid form BAD.
xoxo Ello.


Anonymous said...

but ellz wot if she was raped? its not her fault that she didn't, well really couldn't, use a condom or be on the pill just coz she knew that she was gunna GET raped. Like you said wot if she were 12?

Anonymous said...

am i your bud????? u know who i AM
loves u like a chocolate sista!!!