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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Normality, Can Hear Me?

Oh, Hum..
I am in a bit of a mellow mood, so I will blog.. I was thinking of a new layout, perhaps Alice In Wonderland themed? Oh dear, the cat (who's name is Milly) is not helping me at all. My new obbsession is Alice by the way, as well as Lisa Mitchell. She is quite lovley, and fabulously sweet. Like Lily Alan but minus the 'tude. On that note, I was at the Sydney Easter Show, and brought myself this cutie-pie necklace from this stall called Kaboodle. Lot's of cute birdies, like the twitter bird, and pocket watches, and Alice stuff, so on so forth.
I have recently been thinking, and well, I have made up my mind that I would like to be an actor. The above factors have inspired me to lead the world into a place of hope, love, trust and were everyone is equal and safe. It needed to be said.
Oh yes Milly, you inspired me too. No, it's not dinner time.

Love Ello,

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