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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freaking Fan-Fict.

My own story.
Tis Harry Potter Feat. Doctor Who.
Don't Judge :)

Chapter One

It was late. The Gryffindor common room was slowing emptying, all the students where leisurely going up to their dormitories, full and happy after a very satisfying Christmas feast in the Great Hall.

Soon, only two boys where left in the warm, cosy common room. One was small and skinny with a shock of jet-black hair that stuck up at odd angles and glasses that reflected the other boy’s round but kind face. Between them was a small coffee table covered with bits of scribbled on parchment and a rather large book, whose title read Quiddich Through the Ages.

“Oh Harry.” Exclaimed the round-faced boy, who was in fact Neville Longbottem. “I will never get understand how a broomstick flies!”

“Really Neville,” replied his friend, Harry Potter, with a sigh. “Don’t beat yourself up. Look, it’s nearly midnight. I think we should go to bed.”

Neville looked up gratefully from his parchment and started to collect the scraps scatted about the coffee table.

Suddenly, there was a strange noise, and a muffled scream from outside the port hole that was the entrance to the common room. The door, a portrait of a rather portly lady shattered and broke into millions of tiny pieces. Both boys stood up quickly, spinning to face the now gapping port hole.

They just had time to see a sort of giant salt shaker made of metal with one long rod sticking out of its head with a glass covering on the end, and two more rods coming out of its body which was covered in bumps, when it emitted in an odd metallic voice that suited its body, ‘present the Doctor! Present the Doctor!’

Neville exchanged a confused look with Harry, before answering ‘Doctor who? We have no doctors here.’

The bizarre creature that could only be described as ‘robotic’ screeched ‘EXTERMINATE!’ in its metallic tones, and shot out a bright beam of light from one of the rods in its misshapen body. It struck Neville in the chest, and his body shook with the force of it, and Neville crumpled into a heap on the red-and-gold carpet. He moved no more.

Harry’s body acted of its own accord. He leapt over to Neville, and placed a hand on his chest, immediately removed it, for he had received a violent shock from his friends still body. He gasped in pain a looked at his hand, which glowed with a slight blue light. Harry’s eyes widened as he looked at his luminous hand, but before he had time to investigate further, the odd creature said again ‘The Doctor! Where is the Doctor!? The Darlek’s must have the Doctor!’

Harry dodged to the side, narrowly missing another deadly blast from the Darlek. He heaved Neville’s limp body behind an armchair.

Harry was now beginning to realise that Neville was never going to move again. His body shook with rage. He was blinded by fear, not for himself but for the other students asleep upstairs.

Without further thought he whipped out his wand cast a stunning spell at the robotic monstrosity. It did nothing what so ever to it, merely bouncing off its strange metal body, and hit the chandelier. Harry cast a protecting charm around his body and Neville’s so that the falling glass would not cut them, and turned to strike his foe once more. But as he did so, a falling piece of the chandelier hit it in the end of the rod on its head, which Harry guessed to be an eye of some sort.

‘Darlek 1223 is blinded! Retreat to base!’ It screech again. But before it could turn and escape, Harry let out a roar and shot the deadliest spell he knew. The same spell had taken the life of his parents, so many years ago.

‘AVADA CADRVA!’ Green light burst forth from Harry’s wand, nearly blinding him. It struck home, and the Darlek exploded into billions of tiny fragments.

After sealing the port hole so no other intrudes could attack, Harry back raced to his fallen friend.

‘Neville? Neville, please don’t be dead. You can’t be dead.’

Then Harry heard something.

Harry wiped his eyes and slowly stood, wand at the ready, standing protectively in front the lifeless body of his friend.

Then, with the odd noise, a strange whirring, a shape began to take form not two feat in of Harry. He re-cast the protective charm, and prepared himself for another assault. He also cast a spell to stop anyone from going up the stairs that lead to the sleeping residents of Gryffindor house. He wasn’t going to let any intruder through, but Harry wasn’t going to let another innocent person die this night.

Soon the shape solidified, and in front of Harry stood a small blue police box.

His eyes narrowed, and he scanned the box for anything deadly.

Harry started at the slight creaking of the door and a warm female voice that came from the inside of this mysterious blue box.

Without hesitating, Harry stunned the young female who had just shown her pretty, blonde face around the side of the open door. She looked slightly alarmed, before falling to the ground.

Then, another voice called out in distressed. ‘ROSE!’ Bellowed a deeper, more commanding male voice. A tall, rugged man in a pinstripe suit and dirty white gym boots appeared in the place that Rose had just been, crouching protectively over her fallen figure. He gently cradled her head, and kissed her on the forehead before slowly turning and standing so that he towered above Harry.

His deep brown eyes glared into Harry’s bright green ones. Those eyes spoke of such grief and life, but right now they where boring into Harry’s, filled with such rage that Harry stopped himself jinxing this man.

‘What have you done to her?’ The man spoke softly, but each word was so powerful and overflowing with anger.

‘It’s okay.’ Harry glanced down to the young women on the ground. She was quite pretty, with short blonde hair and a curvy figure. ‘She was just stunned. She’ll come around in a few.’

‘How did you stun her? What is thing you shot her with? Why did you do that? Why should I believe you-‘ Harry punched him in the mouth. Not a hard punch, but with enough force to stop this wild rage that the strange man was in. He wasn’t sure why he had done it, really. This man in his pin-striped suit and his white Converses re-minded him of Ron, mid temper tantrum. But as he recorved from the surprise attack, the ferocious gleam in his eye was gone. Instead it was replaced by fear, but that too was masked by a cold stare.

But just as the man stepped forwards and lifted his hand to Harry, the women on the floor moaned and sat up.

‘Doctor?’ She mumbled.


Sir Miffington Quack Quack said...

You used David and Rose. Gosh, I love you...

Ello. said...

thanks :D
I don't know why it's in italics, that's just odd.