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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So I did this for school..

The Boatshed is a traditional fish and ship shop. It is located in the heart Bateman's Bay, and although it sits right near one of the most prestigious restaurants in the region, there is always a queue that sometimes bends out the door.

As you line up, waiting to order your fish, you see the seafood on beds of ice and lemons, and several hands snatching various fillets to cook and batter. The wait is normally about 20 minutes, (just enough time to build up a tremendous apatite driven by the wonderful smells wafting from the pans behind the counter) but it is all worth it when you take the tray stacked with small straw baskets pilled high with hot chips, fresh salad and melt-in-your-mouth battered fish.

But that is not all the Boatshed offers. There is also a porch that stretches across the river that runs through Bateman's, with crystal-clear waters, and filled with a bright assortment of fish, a small fishermen's' boat bobbing in the gentle waves and even the odd manta ray that the workers fondly name.

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