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Monday, March 7, 2011

Challenge FAILED :((


Yo there bloggers, how are you this fine night?

I have this friend. Many of you may know her (both personally and/or by her brilliant blog) as Quack, and she features prominently in this exciting episode of Ell Really Should Concentrate On What Mr History Teacher Is Saying and Not Be Blogging! Yay!

So onto the Quack story. Our bud Klara had just got home from exchange and we were celebrating her being home at the local nom-nom-nom place. We (GeorgieToongen and the aforementioned  Quack) were casually (not singing really loudly in the slightest) talking about how Toogn so did not write a fan-fict. about people IRL, and Quack said in an undertone, “God, I hope no-one write a fict. about Bladdison...” To which I lept to my feet, and triumphantly punched to air, yelling “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I, Astro Ell, will hereby begin to formulate a plot that will totally prove that Blakey Hearts Quack, and not STOP UNTIL I GET LAID!”

Or something like that.

(Note: Without giving the game away, Bladdison is the ship name, devised by yours truly, for Quack and her lover-boy, Blakey. They are so canon)

Thus, I tirelessly worked and thought and watched various science-fiction shows (cough Doctor Who cough) over the coming weeks, searching every available space in my brain for inspiration for this story that I had to write, but alas, nothing came to me.

That is, until I had this epiphany that was the reason for me to write this blog.

I realised that I couldn’t possibly write a fan-fict about Bladdison. How could I? Everything I had tried to write was too Harry Potter, too Scott Pilgrim, too Doctor Who, to0 much like every freaking DC Comic ever made.

You see, Bladdison is basically a fan-fiction. Except, it’s not fiction. And not created by a fan. Unless God is an air-condition. Presuming there is a God. (GET BACK ON TRACK!)

Here is a basic outline of the relationship:

• They live about six hours apart

• He is a bit of a flirt (from what my facebook stalking can gather, but don’t quote me on that)

• There is a crazy stalker slut who is in love with Blakey

• She is so freaking weird

• He just wants to study; no relationships in the most important schooling year

• She (Quack, no crazy stalker whore) (or is there a difference?) (ZING!) is too of an independent, self-sustained, liberated, free women-girl to fall in love.

• There are goodnight texts.

There are goodnight texts.

There are good night texts.

• Did I mention the goodnight texts Quack getting this ridiculously adorable smile/blush every time Blakey is mentioned in conversation?

That sounds like a fan-fict, no? So maybe I just have no inspiration, which would be a huge load of suck.

So this is where it ends. Thank you for reading this relieving post about a formally well-structured and (romantically) loveless girl. Then again, I might just be saying all this just to bring her down in my attempts to because the WORLDS GREATEST BLOGGER. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Love Ell : ) x

PS, Did anyone else read that in Barney Stinson’s voice? I sure did when I re-read this.

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Sir Miffington Quack Quack said...

Bwahaha, just found this. God damn I love you Ell.
" She ... is too of an independent, self-sustained, liberated, free women-girl to fall in love."