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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lalala Short Story Time!

Workexperience was great, thanks for asking! But now I am back, and have nothing but the holidays, so hopefully I will get back into the swing of blogging. And to start this ball rolling, I present to thee:

Petty Revenge
A short story

The warm ocean surrounded me, calmly swaying and moving around my long board. I shifted slighly on the waxy surface of the old surf board, looking around in search of that next big wave that would bring me back to shore. No waves appeared on the horizen, but I calmed by rising fears of being swept far out to sea, and closed my eyes, breathing in the salty air.

Somthing brushed agasint my leg.

I stifled a scream, and leapt haphazardly onto my board, attempting to squash all my limbs onto it's narrow surface, whilst peering into the deep blue sea. I could see nothing execpt for a large, dark something far down below me. But it could be anything. There is no need to panic.
I over balanced, and toppled head first into the salty water. The stringy hair in my eyes, the salt water clogging my wind pipe, and the grip I couldn't find on my now slippery board all made me panic uncontrollably. And whatever was down below, the something that had brushed agasint my leg and started this mess, sped up to the surface of the ocean to meet me.

A shark.

I knew it.

Cold, consuming fear over took me.
There were times when I noticed everything with such painful clarity that it almost killed me. Pain, water, cold, shark, fear.
There were also times where I was almost blissly numb.
I could feel the shark's teeth sinking into my leg. I didn't feel my leg being ripped away, and for that I am thankful for.

Then I blacked out, and felt nothing more.

Three days later, I woke up in hostpital, screaming about montress fish with flesh-tearing teeth. The nurse hurried in, soothing me, it's only a dream.
I nodded, reasurred slightly, and wiped my sweaty forehead.
"Shall I fetch your dinner, sir?" said the Nurse cautiously.
I grunted, and she hurried away.
Ten minutes later, she returned looking sheepish.

"The dinner tonight is...Fish and Chips.."

I smiled an almost evil smile, and ran my tounge over my teeth.
I was going to enjoy this.

- - - - -

There! Finished!!
I hope y'all enjoyed it. The idea came to me at Red Rooster, because Hungry!Daddy was eating this seafood basket, and the boxes that the food come in at Red Rooster have bits of newspaper printed on them, because seafood is traditionally served in newspaper or somthing.
So the newspaper, because I read it, was saying that this guy had been attacted by a shark, which I thought was kinda funny considering this was printed on a box CONTAING FISH. Ahh..

Did it make sense? Would you like MORE yummy short stories? And, more importantly, what did I learn at work experience?

Love Ell,

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