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Monday, June 7, 2010

An Interview.

Hello, boys and girls!

I have a treat for you today.

An interview with the one, the only,


It has been a long awaited post, I know, and I have finally delivered.

And now, the interview:

Ello: Thank you for being here!

Tilly: Aww don't worry i always like coming to interviews on your blog

Yes. Of course you do. So, I have some questions for you. Are you rready for *dramatic music* The "What does this remind you of?" Game?

Tilly : Okay i'm ready ...bring it (laugh

What does a penguin remind you of?

Ohh umm Happy Feet

Lawl. What about rangas? Answer with care.

A certain hot flaming babe

Me? I am quite a beast.

Of course a sexy one at that

Your too sweet. Ok, enough of that. Onto other serious stuff.

Yea I am trying to get my mum to buy me platform heels.

*le sigh* That wasn't what I was referring too. But that's pretty boss. I struggle to walk in inch heels, so I am jealous of your skills :D

ohh i know don't worry you'll be able to try and copy them soon haha


Moving on. What is your dream job?

being a obstetrician or gynaecologist or paediatrician

Who is your favourite side kick on Doctor Who?

Donna Noble!!!!

And last question. Who is the best character in AVMP?

Draco Malfoy

Thank you for your time. Loves ya like a sistah!!!!

Awww love like a fountain chocolate

(bwahahahaha, next time, it will be JOSH THOMAS! *sigh* can't belive Jom is over. (Josh + Tom = Jom) Ohh i know and btw they broke up hun

I knew you would all love my chocolate touch! (see what I did there Till?)

I see I see

Love Ello,


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Toongen said...

Tilly is very reasonable.